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How to delete files on your hard drive so they cannot be recovered – Windows 7


After you delete a file, it can be recovered. Therefore to protect sensitive medical or financial data, you need to run CCleaner once a week, and wipe the free space.  This prevents recovery of your deleted files – by criminals or the Government, and these days, who can tell the difference between them.

Step 1 – Install CCleaner

Here’s a video of Step 2:

Step 2 – Drive Wiper


Drive Wiper Button

WIPE = Free Space Only

SECURITY = Advanced (3 overwrites)

Select the drives to be wiped

Wipe Button



Windows cannot delete any files.  Therefore, files you deleted 4 years ago, will still be on your laptop.  This forgotten data can fall into the wrong hands.  Run CCleaner once a week, and you reduce the risks of data falling into the wrong hands, by properly deleting these files.  CCleaner will clear any free space, to remove remnants of files, that could reveal devastating personal information about  you.

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