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How to locate the password files in Kali.


Normally in Back Track you look for in the /pentest folder and from there the right tool. Kali is a little different:



Now go to:


ls -l


And its Christmas come early.

  1. i need help i have an world list in one of my local drives and im using kali linuxs live cd
    So when im needed to enter my wordlist location what should i enter..


    • Hi Mayuresh,
      You have the rockyou.txt wordlist in kali.
      add your words to the start of the rockyou.txt…. or even save rockyou.txt to a usb and then add your wordlist.

      Run the live CD – then access your usb based wordlist. You can run Kali from a USB… as that allows you to edit the config and the wordlist files for cracking.


  2. im using kali linux the latest version (which uses wlan0mon interface). How do i look for my wordlist? i cant locate its directory.


  3. markov permalink

    how to hack facebook account?? any one please help me..


    • You need to see if they’re connecting via http or https. Http means the facebook comms are in plain text and readable. HTTPS means they’re encrypted and uncrackable.
      Read this article to learn more about HTTPS and why it should always be used.


    • Jeff permalink

      You can hack into a Facebook account in steps
      1. Install Kali Linux on a bootable USB
      2. Boot your computer in Kali Linux
      3. Connect to your wifi to get to Internet
      4. Go to
      5. Hack into Facebook

      Hope it helps


      • In the early days facebook sessions used unencrypted http. During those times it was easy to use a tool to hijack a logged in session on Facebook. The InfoSec team at the Uni monitored the canteen for unencrypted facebook sessions. It was fun to watch this in action as entertainment during our lunch.
        Today, Facebook uses HTTPS for the initial logon. Some sessions may use http, but definitely the initial logon is now encrypted. Rather than hacking Facebook, think of a different attack, that is even more powerful.


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