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PRISM ⚡ Break


PRISM ⚡ Break

Site full of privacy tools, include private Cloud software

  1. jas0ngee permalink

    Thanks for this…

    I noticed on the Prism Break main page under heading ‘Notes’ in the right column they don’t recommend any Chromium based browsers including SRWare Iron.

    I’ve used Iron on my home computer for a while now and I’m hoping they’re mistaken in their criticisms of Iron.

    The page reads “Why are Chromium, SRWare Iron, et al. not recommended on PRISM Break? More info here.”

    If you click on ‘More info here’, the link takes you to here:

    Seems they’ve disqualified Iron because it ‘phones home’ on launch. However the one who seems to be advising him not to add Iron *is himself using Iron*… Lol

    Anyhow the same guy also says on the same page that Firefox does the exact same thing in that it connects to * automatically without user notice.

    I assume that this is for updating purposes and I imagine the same to be true about Iron (and could therefore be easily disabled in the settings).

    I noticed also no mention of the Chromium based Comodo Dragon…

    I use both Iron and Comodo Dragon on different operating systems. They seem faster than Firefox to me, and they just bother you less.

    Any thoughts on Iron or Comodo Dragon? Have you tried them?

    Also, how do these folks know exactly where Iron for example might be connecting to? Is there an easy way to monitor such connections in real time?


  2. Hi Jas,

    Google own Chrome.
    Google are the surveillance infrastructure (see Zimmerman’s work).

    My honest advice is this
    1. Do not use Google search – EVER!! and never let your friends use Google search.
    2. Do not use any of the 60 odd Google Services. Their single login tracks every video watched, to monitor your political, religious and sexual preferences. ie they are storing highly sensitive data on you.

    3. Google operates a policy called “Perfect Recall”. This means they NEVER delete a comment, email or post – and haven’t for the last decade.
    Under no circumstances must you use Google products – any of them.

    NEVER authenticate a service using your mobile phone – as this can be used /resold with all your private billing data aggregated.

    Google sells your personal data to third parties such as Axcioum who purchase 3 billion data sets a day… and they use that to price you for insurance risk, medical insurance, life insurance, obesity risk factors.

    Any system which “phones” home must be blocked. Never link mobile devices with internet search engines, smart meters etc.

    The reason you must be so strict on this is called “pervasive computing”. Data is aggregated from the data collectors (Facebook, Bing, Microsoft, Twitter) and then small devices like mobiles, TV’s and even cars can track you.

    Aggregation of data becomes an XRAY into you… your beliefs etc.
    Your data is then sold to Employers – who may not hire you.

    The EU found a quarter of job applicants didn’t get an interview, due to their Facebook profile.
    So you’ve no job, no career… and why?
    So that Facebook and Google can make a small profit out of you.
    Your life chances are destroyed. What did you gain for this utter destruction? A free email service if you’re lucky. So stay off the data collectors, Google, and any products that they offer you.

    Hope that explains the reason why privacy tools are so critical.


  3. jas0ngee permalink

    Well thanks for responding, though you didn’t really reply to the specific things I asked!

    I’ll reply to you first and hope that a proper reply from you to my initial post is still pending.

    Google owns Chrome.
    Google are the surveillance infrastructure (see Zimmerman’s work).

    Yes I know Google owns Chrome.

    But Chromium is not the same as Chrome.

    Neither are SRWare Iron or Comodo Dragon browsers. They are not owned by Google.

    SRWare Iron and Dragon have both been built specifically with privacy in mind!

    See under the ‘Features’ tab on the following page:

    Comodo Dragon Security:

    Has privacy enhancements that surpass those in Chromium’s technology
    Has Domain Validation technology that identifies and segregates superior SSL certificates from inferior ones
    Stops cookies and other Web spies
    Prevents all Browser download tracking to ensure your privacy

    Likewise with Iron, as seen on their site:

    Whats the Difference Betwen Iron and Chrome?

    I agree with everything else you’ve said here though…

    I don’t use Google search – I use Startpage.

    I also have never used my real name online anyhow so most of what you say doesn’t really apply to me.

    I block everything by default and I have the Internet Security firewall set to ask me permission to allow anything…

    I use a VPN as well which I have set to turn itself on and connect automatically at login.

    I don’t use Facebook. Or Twitter. Or Microsoft stuff.

    I do have a Gmail account (they offer 15 GBs of free space), but again it’s not associated with my real name in any way and I only connect to it through the VPN anyway.

    I also use Ghostery to block everything by default.

    I’m good!

    And, in my opinion so are the Iron and Dragon variations of the open-source Chromium browser.


    • Hi Jas,

      I’ve been looking into ownership between Chrome and Chromium.
      Google is listed as the owner of both. ??

      But I can see your point that Chromium is open source, and that Google are adding to it to make Chrome. Google have a toxic touch at the moment.

      To gain traction Chromium would have to be delisted from Google…
      But I will go and try the browser…

      With full wireshark watching for packets dialing home to Google…. 🙂 🙂

      Who said i don’t trust Google!!


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