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How to install Gerix Wifi Cracker on Kali


Kali does not offer Gerix – so we have to install first.


Step 1 – Copy and Paste into a root terminal


unrar x gerix-wifi-cracker-master.rar

cd gerix-wifi-cracker-master

And run it:



QT4 Packages

If you get errors, note that BackTrack uses qt3 whereas Kali uses qt4.  Check that you’ve got these packages installed on Kali.

cd gerix-wifi-cracker-master
apt-get install qt4-designer

apt-get install qtcreator

apt-get install pyqt4-dev-tools
qmake -project
qmake -makefile


Step 2 – Gerix Config Tab

Gerix will detect your wifi adapters.

gerix config tab

Select Interface

Select Enable Monitor Mode Button

(Soon you’ll see mon0 appear in the interface table).

enable button


It’s worthwhile noting before you go any further that your network card has to be capable  of going into monitor mode, and of packet injection.   Are you sure it can do both?

Step 3 – Scanning networks with mon0

Select mon0

Channel = all channels

Default = 10 seconds

Rescan Networks Button


Gerix displays Network Name (ESSID), Base-station Mac (BSSID), Channel, Signal and Encryption (eg Open, WEP or WPA)


The type of Encryption used (or open) will determine the next step.

OPN = Open a root terminal, and enter the Essid network name in speech marks to connect

iwconfig wlan0 essid “network”

WEP is easily broken – Use Chop Chop if there are no clients connected.  Use ARP-Replay if there ARE clients connected.

WPS is easily broken.  WPS can be when a client presses a push button on the router or by a PIN.  The PIN method can be broken due to a flaw in how manufacturers installed the 8 bit PIN.  They used 2 x 4 bit PIN.  This reduced security dramatically.  To understand this – consider which is the largest number, a one followed by 8 zero’s or a 1 followed by 4 zero’s.  Which salary would you prefer?  See the problem ?

****TESTING Commands for your card****

1. Is the card in monitor mode?


mon0 will be listed if you’re in monitor mode.


2. Is injection working?

aireplay-ng mon0 -9


  1. Dudeul permalink

    it shows 54 as in the screenshot the wifi names of other wireless networks,.thats a bug


    • Gerix performs better on BT5, which is probably why the Offensive Security omitted it. Gerix is a great tool, and hopefully they’ll fix it and integrate it. Thanks for commenting.


    • tjr permalink

      Previously mentioned bug,”shows Essid as 54″. Have same issue. Any patches/workarounds?

      Running on Kali


      • Hi Tjr,

        There wasn’t a patch last time it was checked, but I will go check again for you. 🙂


  2. rock permalink

    Wifi HAcker PRO V3 is ready Mac/Win/iOS/And Click Here


    • Dudeul permalink

      and how does it “HACK” wifi? (Wifi HAcker PRO). first I do not belive it can put monitor mode, 2nd looks like smth fishy about the app…


  3. Dudeul permalink

    a better alternative I found: Aircrack-GUI-M4 Version


  4. Nice permalink

    Agreed Gerix is good and handy in BT5R3 but not in Kali…also Wifite can not find Python in Kali too…so far not very happy with Kali
    If Kali is the next BT6 then I assumed it should have all the good stuff from BT5 PLUS all additional good stuff..unfortunately not at this point.


    • Gerix is sadly nowhere near as amazing in Kali as BT. 😦
      Wifite was awesome… (one of my all time favourites).

      Debian is better, but we would love to see the full range of tools as in BT. I don’t think they had much choice, they had to make the jump to Debian. In time, I’m sure they’ll port over the popular tools. Armitage etc now only upgrade for Kali… but Gerix in particular is one tool everyone wants in Kali…


  5. permalink

    I had the exact problem of the ESSID being ’54’ in Gerix on Kali.

    So I wanted to go back to backtrack 5.

    I’m trying to install that on an USB stick (8GB) by the following tutorial:

    When I run the command “syslinux /dev/sdb1” I get the following error:

    seek Invalid argument
    Bad target s:/ldlinux.sys
    syslinux: failed to create ldlinux.sys


  6. jack permalink

    hi there, how can i take .cap files ?


  7. Nathaniel permalink

    “root@kali:~/gerix-wifi-cracker-master# qt3to4
    bash: qt3to4: command not found”


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