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IMMUNICITY – Anti Censorship Tool – unblocks UK Government RESTRICTED sites – In Firefox Browser – for Windows, Linux and Mac OS


The UK has become one of the most highly censored countries, and the fight back with anti censorship tools has started.

**EDIT AUGUST 2014***

Just days after the original Immunicity site was taken offline at least two clones have appeared. offers the same unblocking functionality, completely free of charge.



Firefox Configuration Set up

Configure Mozilla Firefox

Follow these steps to configure Mozilla Firefox to use Immunicity on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

1. In Firefox, go to Tools, then Options.

  • In Mac OS X, go to Firefox, then Preferences.
  • In Linux, go to Tools, Options.

2. Go to the Advanced tab, then go to the Network tab.

immunicity settings

3. Settings Button

4. Select Automatic proxy configuration URL.

immunicty proxy

***EDIT AUGUST 2014***

5. In the “Automatic Proxy” field, paste in the following:


6. Press OK, then OK on the Options diaglog.

How can I test is working?

Go to which will only work if you’re using our services.

green tick



To reverse the changes and stop using Immunicity, go back to Settings, then select No proxy.


Plan B – Startpage Proxy

Startpage operates from Holland – and uses SSL connections with “perfect forward secrecy”.


2. Enter search term eg “piratebay top 100”


3. CLICK “View by Ixquick PROXY”  (Next to green website link).

The View By PROXY link must be double-clicked.


Because it’s totally private – and operates under Dutch law, your local ISP has been blocked from seeing the results.



Why Use this?

The Government are introducing “porn filters”, that block …..


*Diet sites

*Social media sites

Check out the Talk Talk restrictions menu and blocking options – this censorship has nothing to do with porn.

The Porn filter is a “BAIT AND SWITCH”  tactic.  Install this anti censorship tool.

immunicity browsers


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Which is the Safest VPN on the Market?  Which VPN do I use?

  1. Nathaniel Cairnlock permalink

    This no longer works for Virgin media in the UK.


    • Hi Nathaniel,

      I could tell by the hits to the blog that something was underway.
      Have you tried the Dutch search engine
      Their proxy runs under Dutch law… so you’ll find their SSL search engine will open up any restrictions for you.


      • Nathaniel Cairnlock permalink

        It works. Thank you so much. I’ll make it my search engine of choice and pass it on.


      • Hi Nat,
        Even better is that they have won the EU europrise award for privacy.
        They don’t store your IP or your queries. The EU insist that they actively delete your queries, so that there is no record of it.
        They have never complied with a court order (Dutch police did try).
        So, are totally safe from the NSA, and your ISP. 🙂


    • herbert permalink

      dont work with Sky either


      • Hi herbert,

        Thanks for letting me know. Startpage isn’t what you wanted, but it should still work for you.


      • Hi Herbert,
        Had a chat with several people, and I’m told the situation is this.

        Sometimes there is a glitch and Sky/Talk Talk detect the proxy.
        The guys said if you reboot the router, you’ll find the proxy works again….

        So that’s the message that I can pass on. It has been blocked now and again, but a simple reboot will solve all that for you.

        Let me know how you get on 🙂


      • herbert permalink

        hi again. tnx for the info. i will try that again although it didn’t work for me previously. just my luck, ha ha.
        i really just wish all this ‘i must control everything’ desire from governments and the entertainment industries (mainly them, anyway) would stop. all the reports i read say how there will be this done, that done to hurt the customers. there has never been a single official recommendation to those industries to adapt to the digital age and not a single law that makes that happen. everything, everywhere, every time is doing the opposite, finding extra ways to screw people over! and, for governments, to spy on you!! what a world this has turned into!!


  2. herbert permalink

    i think Cameron is going way too far and basically it’s to please the USA entertainment industries and security agencies. he isn’t worried about ‘the children’ but it makes a good cover move for spying on everyone. he has openly condemned China et al for this, but now does it himself!
    i read where what he has done is against what the EU courts have said and that the ISPs are now liable for dictating what can go through their ‘pipes’, so should be sued. i am hoping that someone like ORG does this, on behalf of the citizens and then move on to him as he is the person who has started the censorship. i am also waiting to see where it goes next! just as an extra, it’s obvious that Sky is right up there in this, given that Murdoch has such close ties with the entertainment industries!


  3. bob permalink

    Works fine with me and I’m on Virgin in the U.K.


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