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Netherlands – Ministry of the Interior paper


Netherlands – Ministry of the Interior paper

Dutch Ministry paper on Privacy Enhancing Technogies

Netherlands Ministry of the Interior

DutchEffective privacy tools:

Step 1 – General privacy controls

Step 2 – Data separation

Step 3 – Privacy management systems

Step 4 – Anonymisation

Notes on Anonymisation

Susan Landau noted how even 2 unique datasets could identify the person – the example she gave was that your mobile phone would be at your home and work address.  These 2 locations formed a unique pair, that could identify you.

Medical researchers have identified that with only 3 or 4 data sets they could ID, 95% of US Civilians.  The US is a country of 310 million civilians, who can be easily identified with literally 3 or 4 sets of data.

Google offer a single logon – for over 60 services, that collates data on you.  The single logon works against step 2 – data separation.  Google are “aggregating data” which is the opposite of data separation, multiple datasets are aggregated together  to form an X Ray of  you.

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