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Windows Server 2008 – How to use LDP To locate Computers on a Global Catalogue – The Visual Guide


Yesterday we used ldp on a domain controller, today we will use ldp on a global catalog to reveal all accounts within the forest.

Step 1 – Start the ldp.exe tool

Start > Run > ldp.exe



Step 2 – Connect & Configure

Connection > Connect


Enter Domain Controller name

Port 3268

(Port 3268 is for Global Catalogue… Port 389 is Ldap on a DC)

bind to gc

Clear Connectionless check box if it’s selected > OK


Step 3 – Bind to Locally logged in account

LDP will display lots of information, without a password.

gc bind

Notice that the ldap service is “” – we’ll use this later.


Step 4 – Browse > Search (to get a search box)

This time we will filter for all computers within a forest.  Enter the following filter into the search box

Base DN: DC=Teaching,DC-ac,DC=uk



ldap filter for computer

Results of this computer filter would be:

ldp filter computer results

What does this tell us?

The first result has a Common Name of DC01,  and is the Domain Controller.

The DNS =

We get a lot of information on the DC.


Forest Wide DC’s

Next we see all the other DC’s in the Forest being revealed:

gc other DC


Other types of workstations used at the organisation will be revealed:

gc macMAC can be guessed as MAC, and PC can be guessed as Windows.

And not to be left out, here we see a Unix machine….

gc unix

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