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Windows Server 2008 – How to use Net User Commands – The Visual Guide


Net user commands aren’t exactly easy to work out using Microsoft guides.  Cryptic doesn’t come near their instructions, so here’s the easy guide:


Why would we use this?  To find out information such as min password length.

net accounts


This also works…

net accounts domain

Prehaps our attack could reset passwords never to expire…

Its not like the users would complain.


net accounts unlimited


Step 2 – net group

Want to add a group?  Easy peasey – apart from typing ADD in capitals at the end.

net group rubbishgroup /ADD

net group add*******

Step 3 – net user and new password

Here we add a new user, with a new password.

Lets create an account for your boss…  bear in mind they might have to log on with that password….



Step 4 – Don’t Delete your Bosses Account

Like ever…. oh, okay then….

net user delete******

Step 5 – Add BOSSESACCOUNT to the Rubbishgroup – because they’re amazing

bosses accountoops.  We deleted it.  I forgot about that.

There we go… I recreated BOSSESACCOUNT and put in him the super dooper rubbishgroup.

add bossYay!  Our boss is happy.

Who could want more?  Oh, you do?


dsquery user -name BOSSESACCOUNT

dsqueryThis outputs the distinguished name, which to you and me, is the dodgy “CN=wotsit, CN=users,DC=domain,DC=UK” name..  you wouldn’t want to say that in a dark alley…



Excellent site for easy net use commands

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