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This One Goes to 414


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In my previous post about cipher suites, I said that we were going to get a new elliptic curve for Silent Circle systems to use. Dan and Tanja have completed their work on our new curve and published details on their SafeCurves website. They call the curve Curve3617 and all the parameters are on the SafeCurves site.

It is a 414-bit curve, in a field that is modulo the prime number 2414 – 17.

It has a beautifully simple equation in the above field, x2 + y2 = 1 + 3617x2 y2

Dan’s notes to me say:

  • This is a complete Edwards curve, so the Edwards addition formulas work for all inputs; this is our recommended way to handle double-scalar multiplication. For single-scalar multiplication we recommend the Montgomery formulas on the equivalent Montgomery curves; these also work for all inputs.

  • The curve has 8*prime…

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