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Startpage Search Engine – Traffic Figures released


If you want Google results, without the NSA, FISA, the Patriot Act then look no further than the Dutch Startpage.

She’s the only Search Engine to win an EU Europrise Award for privacy.

Since Snowden –  She’s taking off!! Big time. 🙂


Startpage at

How is your search more private?

  • Your IP is not recorded.

  • The use of  “Perfect Forward Secrecy” to encrypt your searches

  • They do not record your searches – so they can never comply with a court order to hand over data.

  • They undergo audits by the EU to ensure no data is kept.

Today, your ISP has to be treated as the enemy – but we have one amazing friend out there.

Congratulations to Startpage – they deserve such success 🙂



IMMUNICITY – Anti Censorship Tool – unblocks UK Government RESTRICTED sites – In Firefox Browser – for Windows, Linux and Mac OS


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