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Windows 7 – How to set up a Password and Account Lockout Policy


A local password policy can enforce password length and password complexity rules.

Step 1 – Access the Security Policy

Start > Search box “security”

Click on “Local Security Policy”


This opens

lsa policy


Step 2 – Security Settings

Account Policies > Password Policy

Several options will appear

password policy2

* Minimum Password Length

Double click on minimum password length > set to 12 characters or more


It is better to think of a pass SENTENCE, than a pass WORD.  Longer is better.

* Password must meet Complexity

Complexity enforces number, upper case, lower case and special characters.  It’s a defense against bruteforce hacking.    However, longer passwords are a more robust defense and less frustrating to use (see reference below).  Therefore use a longer passSENTENCE, before enforcing complexity.

Default is Disabled > Enable



Step 3 – Account Lockout

Account lockout policy – Select it

account lockout

Set the Threshold > 5 attempts

account lockout 2

That’s it!!

Nice and easy.



Password complexity rules more annoying, less effective than lengthy ones

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