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NSA Talking points for the holiday – Secret Santa has a whole new meaning


NSA has given their staff “talking points” to assist their staff, when challenged over spying.  It’s a great read.

nsa 1

NSA “you can trust us”:

nsa metadata

NSA does not target the US (ie 2% of the planet)

nsa talk 2

NSA is lawful, for a secret court:

nsa then now

NSA does not select the topic

nsa cartoon2

NSA is the best Secret Santa

nsa talk3

NSA SANTA – Sigint at its best

nsa santa

NSA are loyal Americans

nsa talk4

NSA Loyal Americans – watching you in your beds…

nsa snooper

NSA are transparent

nsa talk5

NSA Committed to transparency…

nsa nobody

In conclusion, the NSA plan to “talk you to death”.  They have a script.  So we know what they’re going to say.

Get your jokes in first…

Tell them that you’re supporting a new presidential campaign.


Government you can trust.


nsa govt

Cartoons courtesy of Newsday:

One Comment
  1. Funny thing is I believe the NSA itself, as an institution that could only serve a democratically-elected government, is being truthful here. The problem is it’s just one facet of a government being grossly misused by spineless career politicians.


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