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Glenn Greenwald – LIVE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Inquiry on Electronic Mass Surveillance of EU Citizens


Greenwald Reveals ‘Crux’ of NSA Spying: The ‘Elimination of Individual Privacy Worldwide’

Greenwald starts at 2 minutes in.

There has been a virtual avalanche of stories and reports over the last six months over espionage and virtual spying by the NSA and its partners and each of these stories has been extremely important, but I think the quantity of them has sometimes endangered the ultimate point from being obscured. So I just wanted to spend a little bit of time discussing what I think is the primary revelation, the crux, of all of these stories that ties them together and—that I think—is the most important thing for us to realize:

That is, what the ultimate goal of what the NSA—along with its most loyal, one might say subservient, junior partner, the British agency GCHQ—when it comes to the reason why this system of surveillance is being built. And the objective of this system is nothing less than the elimination of individual privacy worldwide.

And, at first glance, that might seem like it’s a bit hyperbolic—like it’s a little bit melodramatic—but it isn’t. It’s a literal description of what the NSA and what its closest surveillance partners are attempting to achieve. And the reason I know this is what they are attempting to achieve is because they say it over and over and over again. On occasion they say it publicly and repeatedly they say it in their private documents, which were written when they thought nobody was able to hear what it was they were saying.

Snowden may testify to the European Parliament in January 2014.

For his safety, as live video feed could reveal his location, the EU Parliament will send their questions to Russia.

Snowden will tape his responses… so the EU Parliament will have the benefit of his insight, without putting his safety at risk.

Happy New Year to Edward Snowden !!

Lets hope that Russia, Germany and Brazil et al, offer him political refugee status for operating in the greater good of humanity.  Snowden placed morality and democracy above surveillance.

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