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Most UK media concertedly ignore Snowden revelations, under govt pressure’


Ex MI5 Officer – More and more serious revelations to come out in 2014

  1. Far from it – the media, along with Greenwald’s own interpretations, suppositions and opinions (proven wrong on at least two occasions) are directing whatever passes for a debate.

    What people are missing here is the evidence – what do the 800 redacted Snowden pages (not documents) themselves tell us? Has Greenwald been selectively picking material and presenting it out of context? Why the refusal to supply researchers with any technical information regarding the programmes, such as identifying PRISM collection method and naming the encryption algorithm the NSA supposedly undermined?


    • Hi,
      I think that Greenwald and the Guardian are staying within the law in order to continue publishing. Snowden has said that he won’t betray NSA agents (ie reveal names). Snowden is loyal to America (despite what the US military believes). Likewise the open source community don’t want to betray NSA victims.. where the surveillance may be legitimate (Merkel was clearly not appropriate). However as more evidence emerges, it would appear the scale of legitimate targets is probably negligible.
      The dodgy algorithms are the ECC Ecliptic Curve schemes… they’re 3 times slower than others and Schneier has said there appears to be a linked set of skeleton keys that would decipher the codes.

      An ex MI5 officer has said that more serious revelations are coming in 2014.
      So what we’ve had to date, is basically nothing, compared to what’s on its way.

      I can’t wait!!

      Happy New Year!!! 2014 is going to be awesome for privacy – you can just tell:)


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