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NMAP – Nmap Fingerprint Submitter – Keep NMAP Flawless!


New Years Resolution – Send a fingerprint to NMAP

Keeping vulnerability scanners current can be made much easier if we all chip in a little scan or two.  Make it a New Years Resolution to send NMAP a fingerprint of your home devices.


Fingerprint your equipment

Where you know the make and model of your home printers or routers, submit the NMAP fingerprint of the device to their database.  This makes NMAP flawless in detecting those devices in future scans. You’ll need:

– Manufacturer Name eg Brother or Cisco

– Model Number of the device eg Printer Model or Router Model


It goes without saying, that you should only send in data where you know the model of the equipment.  If it’s your mates, or the model number has worn off, then please don’t guess, wait until you replace the router or printer, and send that instead.

Thank you!  Happy New Year for 2014.


Always wise to read the small print

This form allows you to contribute new operating system fingerprints to the Nmap database. Please do not fill this out unless you are certain what OS is running on the target machine you scanned. Incorrect entries can pollute the database. The connection between the source and target machines should be clean, with no port forwarding or network address translation (NAT) involved. For more information, see the OS detection chapter of Nmap Network Scanning. This form only accepts fingerprints generated by Nmap version 4.20 or later. By submitting fingerprints you are transferring any copyright interest in the data to the Nmap Project (Insecure.Com LLC) so that they may modify it, relicense it, incorporate it into Nmap, etc.

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