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DATA MINING – UK Govt is selling your Medical records to insurance companies


The UK government is about to upload all your sensitive medical data to insurance companies as a revenue stream.

Your data is NOT Anonymous

nhs anon

It includes, Name, Age, DOB, Address, Race, Medical Conditions, Treatment for STD’s, Cancer.


Everything you DON’T Want insurance companies or employers to know about.



This info will not help nurses or doctors.


Your GP cannot stop this DATA MINING – BUT YOU CAN!!


Why should you opt out?

Axcioum buys 3 billion datasets a day.  They use the data to price your insurance premiums.

It’s your future.  Stop them selling your medical data.

YOU MUST ACT NOW.  Below is a pdf.  Print it out, sign it – drop it off at your Doctors.


Fill a form in, and hand it into, post it to, email it to or fax it to your GP surgery.

That’s it. Simple.

The two opt-codes (9Nu0 and 9Nu4) will be added by your surgery, no questions asked. And your data will be protected.

Remember to opt-out your children, or those for whom you have parental responsibility, as well.  Opt-out your grandmother, who can’t work a computer, print it out for her.

If you prefer, you can just write a letter to your surgery, or even email them if they allow it.

  • State that you wish to opt-out of
  • Request that both the 9Nu0 and 9Nu4 codes are added to your GP records
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