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Giant NHS database rollout delayed – BBC News


The start of a new NHS data-sharing scheme in England involving medical records is being delayed by six months.

Work to start compiling the largely anonymised records on to the database was meant to start from April.

But NHS England has now decided that will not now happen until the autumn.

The organisation has accepted the communications campaign, which gives people the chance to opt out, needs to be improved.


Opt Out Form & NO2ID Opt Out

Sign the form, hand it to your GP’s Receptionist.  Ask for the form to be scanned onto your medical file to state that you “Deny Consent”.

  • This stops the NHS uploading and reselling your medical data.

  • You must opt out or the NHS will automatically resell your medical records.

The government will attempt to sell your medical records in the Autumn, as it is determined to make money from your medical illnesses.  However, there is no safeguard against “lists of rape victims” being sold (which is already happening).  If they will resell lists of rape victims, trust me, they will resell your cancer or brain tumour information.

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