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Automated Source Code Analysis


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The Krypt

Having recently been introduced to the Rough Auditing Tool for Security (RATS) in a discussion on alternative methods of analysing software on a UNIX-based system, I’ve decided to do a quick practical and write-up on it.

I often make the point that understanding the background of a given programming language, and the libraries being used, is often more important than knowing the syntax. This is especially important to know when using RATS as it scans only the source file, and vulnerabilities could exist outside that source in whatever external objects it calls. What this means from an attackers’ perspective is that a native OS function/object with a vulnerability could be indirectly exploited through a range of user-space programs. Moral of the story here: It’s important to know precisely what a vulnerability scanner is looking at.

How does RATS work? The idea is there are a limited (but fairly large) number…

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