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KALI Linux – How to use the VI EDITOR – The VISUAL GUIDE


VI is widely deployed, but you may prefer Gedit or Pico.
This video is a visual introduction, for Right Brain learners.


1. Add a user

sudo adduser smile


2. How to set a password:

sudo passwd smile

You’ll be prompted to enter the password twice.

3. Add a user to a group

First, find a list of all existing groups:

cat /etc/group | more

The syntax followed by an example, which adds smile into the root group.

sudo usermod -G group smile

sudo usermod -G root smile

sudo usermod -G marketing smile

cat /etc/group | grep ‘smile’

Which groups are smile in?

4. Delete user

This will delete the user and all files.

sudo userdel -r smile

cat /etc/password | more – user should no longer exist


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