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KALI Netcat – How to use Netcat on Windows 8


Another amazing tutorial from University of South Wales 🙂

SupraFortix Blog

This post concentrates on the use of non-encrypted Netcat file transfer capabilities. My setup consists of Kali Linux running in VMware environment, and Windows 8.1 as the main operating system. VMware clients need to be set to bridged connection, to situate the virtual machines on the same network as your main OS. Sure you can just use VMware drag and drop box to share files, but this is much cooler!

Note that Netcat is marked as a malware by most antiviruses. This is caused because Netcat is sometimes used as a core component for Rootkit malware. This is also caused by the nature of tools that Netcat provides, such as netcat -e -which allows a remote client to execute commands on a different client, while the output of the command is sent back to the remote client. However, there is a version available which has been stripped down…

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