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Google – Do not use Google Search


Google track your IP. They store search queries forever, without deletion rights.   Google cross reference search terms against your router mac and IP in order to link that data to your home address and real identity.

googleeyesIf you think I’m joking about the home address, I loaded my router mac into the Google database, and it returned a picture of my home via their streetview data mining.  I put an axe through the router.  The EU does not subsidise the costs of axing your equipment due to the illegal data collection activity of Google Streetview.  Maybe the EU should have ordered the replacement of all routers where the MAC had been stored by Google…. as part of  punitive damages against the company.  The engineer who designed the data collection pleaded the fifth amendment, when he should have been jailed.

Use a search engine that does not track your IP.


European based (in Holland), gives you Google results via a proxy that strips out your IP, browser and uses SSL and Perfect Forward Secrecy.  EU winners of the EUROPRISE award for privacy.  The EU inspects their servers to ensure no data has been retained.


US based search engine.  Ideal, if you want to boycott Google after their illegal  StreetView antics.


googleeyesSpot the Creepy company…

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