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World’s Biggest Data Breaches Selected losses greater than 30,000 records


Beautiful graphics regarding the worlds greatest data breaches.

NHS has a mere 8.3 million.


  1. Marci permalink

    Do u think vpnbook and freevpnme are honeypots? Sound to good to b true. Any good opensource vpn’s to suggest? Thank u.


    • Hi Marci,

      VPNBook are advertising based, that’s their revenue stream. FreeVpnme are also advertising based, but use Google DNS alas. I don’t like any connections to Google.

      The password is public domain, so if you use this service, the police could use the password to decrypt your message. However, the audit trails are deleted every 3 days… so after that no court order could obtain the data. Also, they operate from Romania. The Romanian courts refused to comply with Data Retention, so your logs could not have been obtained. No court in Romania would issue a court order… they considered data collection as illegal. This week the EU has declared Data Retention as illegal – so the Romanian court have the upper hand.

      If you want a super secure system make sure the VPN is based outside of your own country – so that no court orders can be obtained.
      Use a privacy service, such as IVPN who are in Malta. Do not use any VPN provider that tracks and retains your data, or who has ever co-operated with court orders/police in the past. This would include the VPN from logmein, who retain your VPN data to sell to advertisers… which is incredible.

      Hope that helps.


    • I’m afraid everything operates on trust when it comes to commercial services. We research the company’s background, read the privacy statements, keep an eye out for negative reviews and hope for the best.

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