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BRUTEFORCE HACKING – Bruteforce Calculator – A Visual Guide


Wonder why hackers use dictionaries that are precompiled?

Select the password length (8 or 10 characters)

bruteforce calculator


Select the hashing algorithm, MD5, SHA1, Kerberos.

Select if number or a mix of alpha numeric.

The calculator will tell you how many days or years  it would take to brute force.


If you are going to compile your own wordlist, use small data sets, compile 8 characters, then compile a file for 9 characters.

It is feasible to crack a password of 8 characters, it probably isn’t feasible to crack a password of 18 characters.

Use Graphics cards rather than your CPU for cracking.  GPU’s are much faster.

What to do next…

KALI – How to crack passwords using Hashcat – The Visual Guide


book cover


SupraFortix – Hashcat Password Cracking – Uni South Wales


How to write a password that takes over 35 quadrillion years to crack (but is easy to remember)


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