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KALI – How to use Netstat and LSOF to locate open network connections – The Visual Guide


Often Kali has several commands which produce identical output.

Routing Tables – identical output

  • netstat -r

  • route

netstatThe two commands produce identical output.  So do you prefer netstat -r or route?




If we want to view active network connections, because you suspect malware or a trojan, there are 3 main commands:

  • nmap

  • netstat

  • lsof

netstat -ap = active with PID’s

netstat a

netstat -lp = active server connections

-lp will omit client connections, to make it easier to read.

netstat l


A netstat dupe is “lsof”

As everything in Unix is a file, including devices and internet connections, the “list open files” or lsof will reveal active network connections for us.  lsof is a fabulous command.


List Users for a particular file

If we wanted to find out who’s using SSH – we type in lsof and the path to the SSH program.

lsof /usr/sbin/sshd

lsof sshd

Here we see that SSHD (SSH server) is being used by PID 1017 – and the user id root.


List a Users Open Files

lsof -u root  or lsof -u USERID

lsof root

lsof -u monitors open files by USER.  Root of course has a lot of files open, so pipe the output via | more.


List Processes for a particular Program

lsof -c monitors “calls” made by a program or file.  This is great to monitor the calls being made by a program – and a trojan would have some strange external calls.

lsof -c sshd

 lsof sshd 2

Note the last entry states TCP *:SSH (LISTEN)

This is the SSH daemon in LISTENING mode – waiting for a network connection.


Anyway, that’s some DUPES,  for detecting active network connections.


For windows 7 users, go with

netstat -ano


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