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WINDOWS 7 – How to list and kill processes by PID – The Visual Guide


Linux for years has operated using PID and Kill commands.  Now powershell offers “Linux” style power. To test this on your laptop, open up the calculator.

Step 1 – Show processes and services running

tasklist /svc

Find out the PID – in order to kill the process

tasklist pid

Its the 2nd column over… for the PID number.


Step 2 – Kill the Process by PID

Here we see the calculator program running, and it’s PID.  We then kill calc.exe.

calctaskkill /PID 1964    – or

taskkill /PID  xxxx  /F

taskkillIf the PID we wanted to kill was 1772… the command would be:

taskkill /PID 1772 /F


Want to know the DLL’s that an app is using and the PID?

tasklist /m

tasklist mtasklist

Will display console, sessions and services.  We use tasklist /svc to get clearer output.


Want to know the full System Config?




systeminfo /S   system /U userid

systeminfo help




1. You need to run your cmd prompt with Admin rights to kill processes.

Start > All Programs > cmd > Run As Administrator



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