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Nmap Output Formatting


Awesome Guide for Nmap Output 🙂

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This post concentrates on assembling and presenting various types of outputs that Nmap provides. Sometimes, Nmap output is difficult to read, especially when scanning large networks with large amount of hosts. Nmap output options ensure, that the output is easily interpreted, organised and readable by different penetration testers working on the same project. The output formats also ensure that the output can be utilised in harmony with other required pieces of software, such as Metasploit. The output examples presented in this post are a result of a private network scan. This post does not explain the utilisation of various Nmap scan options as that’s beyond the scope of this post.

Normal Output (-oN)

Normal output is very similar to output that Nmap provides without writing any formatting commands, however adding -oN option enables the opportunity to output the standard output into a specified text file and also strips down information…

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