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Windows 7 Shares – How to connect to Windows 7 shares (SMB) using the command line – The Visual Guide


There are many hidden shares on any windows pc.  This is how to locate them, and connect.

Step 1 – Locate shares

net share

net share

Here we find several “hidden” shares, with the $ sign at the end.

Next, we check the rights for each share.

Step 2 – Snoop on the rights of each hidden share

net share e$

net share eHere we find there’s no max number of users, and that everyone has full permissions.

Step 3 – Connect to the share

net use \\Server\e$

net use successful

Step 4 – Limit the number of users to a share

net share e$ /users:2

net share 2


Step 5 – Delete the share where not critical

net share e$ /delete

net share delete

net share users /delete

net share usersSyntax to Delete a share on Remote PC’s

net share sharename \\remotepc /delete


Step 6 – Create a new share

net share sharename=e:\ /grant:everyone, full

create a sharenet share Boo=e:\ /grant:everyone,read


 net share Boo

boo share

Boo has given everyone READ permissions, whereas “sharename” gave FULL permissions.


Hidden shares

net share E$=e:\ /grant:everyone,FULL

hidden share


Windows shares

1. They use IPC or interprocess communication

2. This is based on SMB or Server Message Blocks

3. IPC$ uses RPC or Remote Protocol Communication.

4. To connect we use net use, the ip or host name of the pc, a blank password and username

net use \\\ipc$ “” “/user:”

net view \\

5. Block NETBIOS on your windows by blocking

port 139 (NETBIOS Sessions Service)

port 445 (SMB over TCP/IP without NETBIOS)

Disable file and printer sharing for Microsoft Networks

Restrict anonymous connections using the registry.


Setting 0 : Default will be NONE.  Rely on DEFAULT settings.

Setting 1 : Do Not Allow Enumeration of SAM Accounts and shares.  Allows nulls to be mapped to IPC$.

Setting 2 : No Access without Explicit Anonymous Permission



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