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Setting up and accessing an encrypted filesystem with cryptkeeper


The Krypt

If someone asked me the best way of encrypting files on a USB drive, I honestly wouldn’t know where to begin. Of course, it’s all well and good discussing algorithms, keysizes and implementations, but in the real world we have usability and portability issues to consider. Let’s look at it from the perspective of the average person who needs to access the same files on Windows, Mac and Linux machines. Let’s also say this average person wears a tinfoil hat, and doesn’t trust anything proprietary – I’ve been told that’s a petty concern, even libellous if I named a specific commercial product, but the impact of an exploitable backdoor/escrow could be very serious when dealing with files uploaded (read ‘published’) to DropBox or on a storage device that got mislaid. And I mean ‘mislaid’ as in dropped somewhere outside the home or workplace.

TrueCrypt appeared to have solved this problem…

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