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HYENA 11 – How to use Hyena Hacking Tool on Windows 7 – The Visual Guide


First download Hyena 11 on a free trial basis –  either a 32 bit and 64 bit version.


Step 1 – Install Hyena 11

Hyena may install some Visual C++ updates -select “Install” and continue.

I accept


C:\program files\Hyena


OK – for 30 day trial.  No need to enter your email.

hyena5That’s it!  Hyena is now installed.


Step 2 – the Main Directory

The main directory displays drives, connections, users, local groups, shares, sessions, services, disk space, user rights and much more.


Click on each + to drill down for details.  The E drive shows all the folders.


hyena7Local connections shows shares – IPC$, and USB shares


hyena8The users shows the Administrator account is disabled; the password was set to never expire. As a hacker look for unused accounts and those with “Password Never Expires”.  You don’t want an account that anyone logs into regularly.

hyena9Look for powerful local group rights.


Notice which services are running and which are stopped.

hyena11User Rights

Right click on the user right, to find out more about powerful rights the user might have.   Here we identify “Network logon rights” – backup privileges are also powerful.


Yes, that really is the windows registry and full logging system shown.  Imagine how dangerous that is.

hyena14Now wasn’t that easy!


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  1. Sniper permalink

    The title of the article is “How to use Hyena Hacking Tool on Windows 7 – The Visual Guide” yet goes on to teach absolutely nothing………awesome content. What would I have done with out it? I’d be lost forever! Thx so much!


    • Hi Sniper,

      Hyena is used for enumeration and reconnaissance of a target.

      The first stage of a Pen test or a hack is enumeration and reconnaissance.

      Thanks for commenting.


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