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Hashcat Password Cracking


Another awesome post from SupraFortix, this time on hash cracking.:)

Get the dictionaries and have a go:)

SupraFortix Blog

This post concentrates on password cracking using Hashcat. It describes various Hashcat rule sets, which can maximise the potential amount of cracked passwords utilising basic wordlists. The practical demonstration utilises pre-made rule sets, included in Hashcat directory by default. The practical demonstration does not utilise Hashcat algorithm functions such as Combination, Toggle-Case, Brute-Force or Permutation, it only utilises Straight algorithm.


This demonstration utilises three different wordlists:

rockyou.txt —available by default in Kali located in /usr/share/wordlists/.

Crackstation-human-only —available for download HERE.

m3g9tr0n wordlist —available for download HERE.

Unlike other hash cracking tools, Hashcat uses CPU resources rather than GPU. The processor that is utilised for hash cracking is Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4700MQ CPU @ 2.40GHz. The virtual machine where Kali runs is set to take advantage of all 4 cores however, I’m not sure how the virtual environment impacts the performance of the processor.

There are…

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