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Bleach Bit – How to securely delete your files on Windows 7 or Linux


Windows cannot delete files – that’s how forensics teams can retrieve the data.  Bruce Schneier used Bleach bit when handling the Snowden documents.  Bleach bit has both a Windows and Linux version.


bleach downloadSelect OS

bleach bit os

 Bleach Bit Installer

bleach installer

Install > English > OK > I Agree

bleach 1

Default Configuration > Next

bleach 2

Default Directory Folder

bleach 3Install will run > Next > Finish

That’s it.


Bleach Bit OPENS

Tick the box for the item to be deleted

bleach open

Select Adobe Reader



bleach adobe

Delete – Confirm

bleach delete*****

Edit > Preferences

Tick > Download from Community (winapp2.ini)

bleach pref

Many more applications will be listed

Tick and Clean


bleach after prefs

Make sure you spend the time to wipe the free space on your drive.  It’s slow but critical.  As files are copied from email to your recycle bin, additional copies are being made.  Therefore make sure you securely delete the recycle bin.

These settings are under “system”.

recycle bin


Bleach Bit – Linux Video


SANS discussion on the limitations of multiple wipes of a drive


How to configure Ccleaner to wipe cluster tips

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