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How to create Notepad to make fast Windows 7 batch scripts – The Visual Guide


Step 1 – Make a Scripts directory

Open CMD with Admin Rights (Right click, runas Admin)

md c:\scripts

cd c:\scripts


Step 2 – Use notepad to create your .bat file

notepad myfirstscript.bat

notepad will launch – with the .bat created

Step 3 – Enter commands into notepad

whoami /user

Control+s to save file


Step 4 – Run file


whoamiThe script will return your host and user name, along with the SID info.


At this point, you can overtype the commands in myfirstscript.bat or create new batch files.

ipconfig /flushdns


notepad 2

Perhaps try this

control mouse


What happens?

mouseNow try other Control Panel commands

control networks

control printers


What to find out full system info?


and, like a magical charm, we will see

systeminfoping to test server connectivity

pingYou’ll see this


Useful commands to experiment

whoami /?

whoami /groups

whoami /all

whoami /all fo list

ipconfig /flushdns

ipconfig /displaydns

ipconfig /renewdns


Happy summer reading.



Darril Gibson – Windows Portable Command Guide

On a personal note – any books written by Darril Gibson will be worth buying.  I have no connection to the author, amazon or the book publisher, it’s just an honest recommendation to look out for this author’s work.


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