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Edward Snowden: rush to pass British surveillance law is extraordinary – video


The NSA whistleblower questions the need for emergency legislation in an exclusive Guardian interview, saying the move mirrors a hastily introduced US law in 2007, and asks whether it would ‘really be so costly’ to take time to debate the issue

Watch the full interview on Thursday 17 July 2014

  1. To answer Mr. Snowden’s question, yes it would be too costly to have a debate about the issue: the Bill wouldn’t become legislation for a start (we need it to protect us from terrorists and whatnot), and it wouldn’t distract people from the ‘inquiry’ into Westminster’s little ‘historical’ deviancy scandal.


  2. ahh the same paedophiles that have operated within Westminster you mean?
    So Parliament needs this law to investigate themselves!! Good point 🙂


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