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NMAP – How to Automate NMAP scans on Windows 7 – The Visual Guide


Here we automate NMAP scans to only scan production servers IP’s rather than an entire network.

Step 1 – Use Notepad to create a list of IP’s to scan

Notepad+ was used, enter in the IP’s to scan.  Avoid the use of hostnames – use IP’s.

Create a directory called nmap. c:\nmap.

Create a file called scan_me.txt (use notepad or notepad+).  c:\nmap\scan_me.txt


Step 2 – Use Zenmap the Gui for NMAP

Enter the path to the scan_me.txt.

nmap -sP -iL c:\nmap\scan_me.txt

scanme zen guiRemember the -sP is the Ping Scan to generate an inventory of active stations on the network.  On the local subnet it uses ARP.  On remote subnet it uses ICMP echo and TCP ACK to port 80 (to double the chances of success).

Just remember that -sP is an inventory that uses 2 formats – ARP on the local subnet, and ICMP echo + TCP ACK to port 80 on remote subnets.


Step 3 – Scan Results

Note that only the IP’s within the scanme.txt file were scanned.   This is how you automate scanning.

scanme zen gui results*****

That’s it!!

You can now carry out targeted or focused NMAP scans.


In the results above, we hit a printer.  Often printers react badly to scan, so we may chose to exclude the IP.

nmap -sP -iL c:\nmap\scan_me.txt –exclude

scanme exclude

Notice how even where the scan_me.txt included the IP, the –exclude option takes precedence and the scan never runs the excluded IP.


Create a no_scan file.

scanme dont

nmap -sP -iL c:\nmap\scan_me.txt –excludefile c:\nmap\no_scan.txt

scanme excludefile resultsNotice that the excludefile reads the IP’s in the no_scan.txt and they take precedence over the scan_me.txt file.

–exclude = IP’s

–excludefile = IP’s in a text file – which is easier to automate.

nmap -sU -iL c:\nmap\scan_me.txt



Professor Messer Guide to NMAP

Download NMAP with Windows Installer (Zenmap)

Nmap Commands – Cyberciti

NMAP SCANNING Book – Written by the developer of NMAP **AMAZING STUFF

NMAP cookbook

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