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WOOHOO!! HALF A MILLION VIEWS!! Thank you so much


Who knew InfoSec was so popular?  Half a million views – thank you so much guys.

half a million view

I also graduate tomorrow – so it’s a significant milestone and a celebration for all the right reasons.

OMG, I have a Masters… that is unreal!


If any of you are considering studying Cyber Security or Information Security at the University of South Wales, then definitely go for it.

The teamwork on the course is spectacular.  The teams have been second to none for co-operation, hard work, cross training and motivation.  The people on the course, make it what it is.  We all have strengths, and we all play to them.

And to everyone on my course…  see you guys tomorrow 🙂

Batman capes at the ready 🙂


How do you spot USW Graduates… by the red Griffindor strips and harry potter capes.

Yeah, this was me today.  Okay.. I can hear you laughing you know….



  1. Our outfits were way better than Griffindor’s.


    • Our outfits were awesome!! We looked like we’re off a filmset.

      Tassles, v capes in red and Michael Jackson style arm toggles and buttons. Wow..
      Trouble is, once you’ve got all the gizmo’s can’t get undressed. John’s walking around all week in his tassles… I’m sure he’ll get arrested

      But you have to admit.. we looked better than Hogwarts! 🙂


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