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Edward Snowden And Daniel Ellsberg Rock The House At Hacker Convention!


We have a civil duty to teach people in our society how to interact with technology, safely.

  1. The next stage is to hide not just the communication, but to hide the metadata.

  2. Metadata is the same information that a private detective collects, who met whom, at what time and where.

 This correlates precisely with the EU’s goal of “Privacy Enhancing Technology”.


Basic questions to ask:

1. Do you log my IP?

2. Do you keep server logs and for how long?

3. What type of encryption is used?  Look for Perfect Forward Secrecy.


What next?

1. Learn to use Encryption

2. Learn to use Privacy tools

3. Learn to use OpenVPN

Use VPN providers such as – who delete their logs every 10 minutes

4. Avoid search engines like Google.

Use EU proxies like that hide your IP from Google, keep no server logs on your queries and have Perfect Forward Secrecy to secure your communications.  Startpage do not store your IP or your queries.


They are audited by the EU – and have won 2 EU privacy awards (called the EU Europrise Award).  They’re covering your back.   Go for it!

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