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Experiments in Data Wiping and Recovery


Experiments in recovering files… resulted in 70% recovery of a wiped USB drive. 🙂

The Krypt

After chatting to someone about disk wiping and data recovery, I decided to try a few things myself. Primarily I wanted to know whether a storage device could be securely wiped using just native Linux OS features.
Before going further, I should mention that one method here will recover almost anything and everything, and I strongly recommend against practising on some random device that you bought from some guy in a pub – the last thing you want are nasty surprises.

Which drive?
Obviously it’s important to ensure we’re wiping the correct filesystem. With modern Linux distros, the /media directory contains pointers to the volumes’ actual mountpoints in /dev, and the latter must be determined using the $df command:


The USB drive I’m using for the following experiments is labelled ‘SFF-KEY’, and its mountpoint is /dev/sbd1. It had a number of images, document files and other data…

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