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TENE – Privacy Journal – Big Data for All: Privacy and User Control


Tene is legendary within the privacy arena; this journal illustrates that:

“Data is generate from online transactions, email, video, image, clickstream, logs, search queries, health records and social networking interactions; gleaned from increasingly pervasive sensors deployed in infrastructure such as communications networks, electric grids, global positioning satellites, roads and bridges as well as in homes, clothing and mobile phones”, (Tene, 2013).

Take away message.

Data is aggregated, and this is where the real evil occurs.  It’s not the actual data but the INFERENCES from that data that may harm both the individual and society.

Tene (2013) made the point that “the benefits of big data do not always (some say, ever) accrue to the individuals whose personal data are collected and harvested.  We could add that all the risks are borne by the individual and all the profits taken by the data mining corporations.  If that makes a person unemployable, society has to provide benefits to feed and house that person because they are unable to work, directly related to data mining.  The EU’s “Right to be Forgotten” has to re-balance the economic impact of data mining.

Where people have been declared bankrupt, legal restrictions allow the slate to be wiped clean after 6 years to rehabilitate them into society.  However the impact of Facebook and Google are that the records remain forever.   This is where the EU’s Right to be Forgotten is critical. 

50 cents of data mining profits need to be balanced against the economic costs of feeding a persons family and housing them because they are blacklisted due to Google’s search results.

The benefits system in the UK would run to say £400 a week for housing and food support.  Taxpayers and society bear this £400 cost, which Google would want us to  pay forever (as they keep your data – forever). 

This effectively was the case brought before the EU – and they placed European civilians and taxpayers ahead of Google’s profits.  This makes good economic sense, for the individual affected and taxpayers.  The Right to be forgotten is vital, and must be enforced by Europe – we can’t afford to fail.

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