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EPIC Online Guide to Practical Privacy Tools


Search Engines

  • DuckDuckGo: anonymous, encrypted web searches.
  • ixquick: anonymous, encrypted web searches. Hosted in the Netherlands.

My honest advice is to start with changing your search engine.  If you don’t want Google results, go with DuckDuckGo, if you do want to see Google results, use or Ixquick, as they strip your IP and shield you from Google.


Secure Instant Messaging

  • Cryptocat (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Mac): encrypted instant messaging platform.
  • Off-the-Record (Windows, Pidgin): encrypted communications with authentication and deniability features.
  • TorChat (Windows, Linux): P2P instant messaging routed through the Tor network.
  • Pidgin is a third-party instant messaging/chat program that allows users to log in to multiple chat programs simultaneously (e.g., AIM, MSN, Google Talk) and to install a variety of privacy and security plugins.
  • Adium is a third-party instant messaging program that allows for encrypted chats across multiple networks, but for Macs.

Cryptocat is so easy to use, that you can’t go wrong.  The inventor has been stopped many times at the US borders, and even had his passport taken.  That tells us volumes, the US is afraid of Cryptocat.  The harassment of it’s inventor tells us that Cryptocat actually works – it’s rock solid encryption.

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