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The FBI slams smartphone encryption because there’s no backdoor


FBI Director James Comey has, unsurprisingly, come out and slammed Apple, Google and other tech companies for offering encryption on devices such as smartphones. Comey said he was “very concerned” about strengthened encryption in mobile OSes, saying it could work against his organization in the event of a terror attack.

In his statement, Comey took issue with the marketing of smartphone OSes from major tech companies. By saying that their smartphone products could be encrypted without access by agencies like the FBI, Comey said it was like the companies were saying “buy our phone and law-enforcement, even with legal process, can never get access to it”.

Comey’s words come after the launch of iOS 8, which for the first time offers device and data encryption that Apple cannot decrypt, even if ordered to do so by a warrant. Google also has plans to implement similar encryption methods into Android L, keeping the power of access firmly in the hands of users. No longer will there be a simple backdoor that can be accessed by an FBI agent in possession of a warrant.

**With thanks to Andy for the heads up on this**


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