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VPN – Warrant Canary – How do you know if a warrant has been issued against your VPN?


In these dark days of government surveillance, kangaroo FISA court orders, and the Patriot Act, how can you trust your communications are not subject to a court order?  The answer lies in using a VPN that uses a “Warrant Canary” to signal that no gagging orders have been served.

Warrant Canary

Some VPN providers issue a “Warrant Canary”.  This means they will signal to you if a warrant has been issued.  Here we examine the “Warrant Canary” system of IVPN.  IVPN are a VPN provider who promise to shut down their services and relocate, rather than co-operating with surveillance.  This is their system.

Step 1 – IVPN will confirm that no warrants have been served or assets seized

ivpn warrant

Step 2 – Headlines from a Newspaper to “time” the message

ivpn warrant 2

Step 3 – EU Data Protection – No PII  – Personally Identifiable Information

ivpn warrant 3

IVPN promise to shut down and relocate if they are ever forced to log you.

That’s one heck of a commitment.

In addition they operate the “Warrant Canary”; if pressure is applied to them, you’ll know about it, as the “Canary in the Coalmine” will warn users.



Apple’s Patriot-Act-detecting “warrant canary” dies


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