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Windows 2008 – Server Manager – Discovering Reverse IP Lookups using Robtex


Normally in “forward lookup” DNS we know the domain name but don’t know the IP.  This is like yellow pages.. you have someones name, but need their telephone number.  So it links to a specific IP.  Neat.

In Reverse lookup, we have the IP but not the domain name (it’s a reverse of yellow pages… you have the telephone number, but don’t know who it belongs to).

Open Server Manager

Start > Programs > Admin Tools > Server Manager

w8 server manager


DNS > Reverse Lookups

Reverse Lookups work from the IP first, the “”.



w8 reverse dns

2. Secondly we see how the reverse DNS zones list the full IP address listed, alongise a PTR or pointer to a machine name.


Active Learning – Test it!

Ping – the private search engine (to bypass Google data mining)

ping startpage

So forward DNS lookups tell us that run on IP

So lets test out reverse DNS.

ping -a

Now a reverse lookup of the IP address reveals its operated by

ping -a www.startpage.comARPA has verfied that this IP belongs to the Startpage search engine.


Active Learning – Robtex

The Swiss Army Knife of both forward and reverse DNS lookup is

Enter the into the search function.

robtexInfo – Top menu info

Notice Info, Summary, Records, Graph etc.  Graph is *very good* to visual data.

Robtex Graph

This is the *Platinum* standard for visualising networks.  I haven’t found a tool that betters Robtex for finding and displaying the networks that power a site.

robtex graph

Robtex Records

Now, lets look at all the networks that power the site.

robtex records

Identify Mail Servers (MX)

robtex mail servers

Robtex is simply stunning!  Definitely a tool to keep in your pocket.


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