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Snoopers Charter part 2 – IP Matching


The blessed government is attempting to bring us the “Snoopers Charter” part 2, in the guise of “IP Matching” laws.  Here we go again.

In November 2014 it was announced that the Government would bring forward proposals to enable IP address matching. The measures would require internet firms to keep records of customer information to enable law enforcement bodies to decipher who was using a device such as a smart phone or computer at a given time.
What is it with this government and the Snoopers Charter… have they never heard of the Virtualised network adapters, VMWare, Server 2012 (uses virtualised switches), proxies, VPN’s, OpenVPN all of which dislocate the IP from the device.

What next…  I know – lets ban Server 2012?   And heaven help VMWare… they’re definitely on the extremists watch list.

DHCP is clear evidence of extremism.. anyone that doesn’t have a static IP definitely has something to hide.

Is it the 1st of April today, and I’ve missed it?
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