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Brilliant New Device Lets Protesters Jam Surveillance, Block Stingrays


Earlier this week an anonymous leaked recording exposed the agents monitoring the protesters’ movements by tracking their phones.

And that’s where a new product called Tunnel enters the scene.

To hide its own privacy, the NSA pays big bucks to install copper – yes, you read that correctly: copper – around the equipment in its buildings.

It turns out that copper has a unique conductive property that allows it block surveillance, letting those who use it hide their activities from would-be spies.

The main NSA headquarters is described as ”a building covered with one-way dark glass, which is lined with copper shielding in order to prevent espionage by trapping in signals and sounds.”

The question becomes: if they can protect their own privacy with copper, why can’t we use this same technique to protect our privacy from them?

Well now we finally can.

Tunnel is a portable Faraday enclosure that uses a 100% authentic copper shielding system to surround your phone. When your phone is inside, it forms a topologically near-complete surface to prevent non-ionizing radiation from penetrating its boundaries, letting you avoid surveillance.

Thankfully, it’s not going to cost thousands of dollars, which has come as great news for protesters and other privacy advocates.


The leak reportedly contained a raw audio recording of a federal agent assuring a police officer that he was “keeping an eye on it,” referring to a girl who was on her phone during the protests.

The audio was leaked just days after multiple protesters independently confirmed that a state vehicle equipped with a Stingray was following them and gathering information from their smartphones.



“Law enforcement is using this information to investigate and prosecute people without warrants – that is unconstitutional. At the national level, the same thing is happening.” said Kirk Weibe, a former NSA employee, speaking out against the use of Stringrays.

Citizens can start to protect themselves from this by Tunneling their phones.

It can work with all the popular smartphones and blocks the entire range of MHz needed for surveillance.

Disclaimer: we do not condone the use of Tunnel for illegal activities, of course, but it’s perfect for jamming up systems of surveillance that attempt to peer into your smartphone and track your location unlawfully.

You’ve gotta love it. The same kind of metal used by a government to protect their own data, now installed in a flexible phone case and able to be used by citizens.

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