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The Darknet’s Strangest Easter Egg Hunt


Loved the runes !
Also when you run snaggit.. it disables the screenshot. I laughed myself silly.
To disable snaggit… is a touch of genius – I salute you!

The Krypt


I’ve finally got round to finishing the post some of my readers have been waiting for. This is essentially just a rewriting of some notes I made the other weekend, so there’s very little here that’s not already known. Hopefully I’m presenting it in a new way.
Other than that, I’ve found sporadic bits of evidence after playing with the Internet routing system, and I received very cryptic email from someone claming to be 3301 – I was hoping to post about these, but it’s too patchy to definitively comment on how they fit the wider picture. Solving the mystery involves finding scraps of information that often lead to dead ends.

The Background
Each year, since January 2012, there’s a challenge that becomes an elaborate Easter egg hunt. The trail starts on 4Chan, one puzzle leads to another, and things get weird (even creepy) along the way. Cicada 3301 is…

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