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Has your email account been hacked? PwnedList Online Database – with millions of compromised accounts


PwnedList is online database with more than 966 million compromised passwords on file.  You can query their database to see if your email has been hacked.

Enter your email in here:

If your account has appeared in a hacked database, then close that account – get rid of it.


How many entries do you have in your database?

As of Feb 03, 2015, we have 378,671,085 entries.



Leaks imported by Month

Month Total Leaks Imported
Feb 15 85,209
Jan 15 85,184
Dec 14 84,826
Nov 14 83,792
Oct 14 83,050
Sep 14 81,441
Aug 14 80,280
Jul 14 79,688
Jun 14 17,046
May 14 5,560
Apr 14 5,290
Mar 14 5,098
Feb 14 4,928
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