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4000 Series Checkpoint Firewall RAM Upgrade


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SupraFortix Blog


This short post concentrates on upgrading RAM memory on 4000 Series Checkpoint Firewall. The post will describe the technical process by which to upgrade this device.

The upgrade needs to be planned and consulted as the warranty will be terminated once the device is opened.


The device can be upgraded racked or not racked as screws that are necessary to take out during the upgrade are accessible with rails fitted. The position of the device is shown in the figure below.

The back of the firewall. It’s the one fitted with rails.


Power the device off with a switch in the back of it illustrated in figure above. Take out ear screws.

Unplug all data cables and power cables and drag out the device. Don’t forget to label the cables or take notes where cables were initially plugged in. Labelling and note taking will prevent unnecessary…

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