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Windows 10 – Don’t Do it – EU needs to take action against this OS


If ever there was a need for EU Data Protection, then Microsofts Windows 10 is the REASON for the EU to kick Microsoft.

The “Technical Preview” has left me speechless in privacy terms.  I have NEVER seen such a violation of EU Privacy law as this operating system.  What are they drinking at Microsoft?

Step 1 – Don’t accept the Privacy defaults.

Select “customise” and see what you’re agreeing to.  Initially the privacy statements look cool – until you dig a bit deeper. Two items may protect privacy but there are many many more that will sell your grandmother.  What do I mean by this?

Step 2 – Financial Data is collected by Windows 10

You agree to allowing Microsoft to collect your banking financial information, including credit card and paypal details, card numbers and **SIT DOWN** THE SECURITY CODES (CSV) ON THE BACK OF YOUR CARD.  Are you shitting me?

So all your finanical accounts and security codes are being collected by Microsoft?

Step 3 – No privacy Opt outs.

Lets look at how Wndows 10 takes your home telephone number and email address as a “security” check on your OS.  WTF!!

It’s an operating system, not a state department like the NHS.  Even the NHS doesn’t require this information, and that deals with sensitive medical data.

On the one drive, there is no “I do not consent” button – to remove or deactivate one drive.


Is Windows 365 the future of Windows 10?

(10/02/2015): @janemccallion: Rumours that Windows could turn into a subscription-based service have hotted up thanks to a trademark filing from Microsoft. The submission, spotted by Neowin, was made to the US Patent and Trademark Office by Microsoft on 29 January this year and covers a whole range of features, including streaming and video on demand services, email and IM, and educational services.

However, the most intriguing features listed are “operating software as a service (OSAAS) … desktop-as-a-service (DAAS), cloud services … [and] providing temporary use of non-downloadable software”.

A similar application has also been made in South Africa, but not in the UK, according to the Intellectual Property Office’s online database.

It has long been rumoured that Windows 10 would include some kind of cloud-based service, but Microsoft’s announcement that Windows 10 will be a free upgrade (at least, for the first year) makes it somewhat unlikely Windows will be turning into a subscription-based service in the immediate term.




You have got to be f*** kidding me.  This OS is a walking nightmare.

The German government has mandated that their state departments must stay with Windows 7 or move over to Linux.

I’m surprised to say this…. but I strongly agree with Germany here – the German government is right on the money.  This OS cannot be allowed to go mainstream.

On privacy grounds alone, Windows 10 is a catestrophic breach of EU Data Protection law. Can you imagine Linux asking for your bank accounts, credit cards and security codes?  Well, that’s exactly what Windows 10 does… and links your home telephone number and email to your financial data, AND then says it can hand this data over to any government agency it wants.  OMG.

Windows 7 here we come.

Sadly my conclusion is that no amount of pretty pictures are worth handing over sensitive medical and financial data.  This kind of data, once it’s being resold 50 times by Microsoft will be used to socially, racially profile you.  Automatic profiling leads to automatic discrimination.  Its sad, but true.  If an insurance company knows you’re searching for “cancer”, you can bet your insurance will be cancelled or your premiums doubled.  THAT is automatic discrimination, and it’s coming to a Windows 10 platform near to you.  Watch your back with this OS… its BIG trouble for you.

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  2. jas0ngee permalink


    I am a long time reader of your site here… and I don’t mean to be too argumentative but I really think you’re overreacting a bit here!

    I’ve been messing around with Windows 10 since it appeared. I just installed the leaked version yesterday in fact (as I assume you’ve also recently done based on the timing of this article) and I’ve seen none of the things you speak of.

    Since Windows 8, step #1 before installing Windows is: Disconnect your internet. This is cardinal.

    This way you can just set up a local account without divulging any personal information whatsoever. Just bypass it all…

    All the stuff about credit card numbers and such relates to usage of the Windows Store. Don’t use the store and Microsoft wont get any of your information. Simple.

    When you have Windows installed, before you connect to the internet for the first time set up your firewall in such a way that it will ask you about every single connection (I use AVG). Then just block Windows’ every attempt to connect to the internet. I even block Internet Exploder.

    To turn off OneDrive all you have to do is go into your Task Manager under Startup and disable it. You can also remove it from the Navigation pane using Local Group Policy Editor if it bothers you…


    • Hi Jas,
      I’m going to do a re-install and use your advice … thank you. I love your term “internet exploder”, that’s one that I’m going to adopt.

      There is no way that I want M$ to have a landline number, or email that links to my real identity.. this is *just* an operating system after all.

      so I will try to get a crib sheet of all the services to shut down. I am so shocked at the terms in the license agreement. I will go through multiple installs and see if/how we can get this OS to maintain privacy. I know that the German government has basically banned windows 8/10… and I can see why. the last thing we need if you move house, is to lose both the landline number, your email/ISP and then M$ lock out your OS.

      So i’ll try disconnecting it from the Internet…

      I’m guessing my shock at the install is quite noticeable.


    • Hi,
      I’ve seen the Forbes review of Windows 10 – and they’ve raised serious concerns about Microsoft’s tracking in the OS. Forbes have come to the same conclusion.
      If M$ are tracking your security codes and financial data… and you’re a multimillionaire, then we have a serious breach.
      This OS must not track users in the retail version.
      If it does, I can see that it will be boycotted.
      No-one will give microsoft access to financial security codes and pins.


  3. Anonymous permalink

    And, if you think MicroSoft are just, gonna sit right back, and let you continue to use Win7 as untouched as it was until 2020? You’d better think twice! I’ve never blocked as many “Updates” as I have with Widows 7. The fact that MicroSoft decided to go dark on what these Updates do, given their wontent penchant for wanting to add the same Win10-like Telemetry (i.e. Spyware), to Windows 7, at every turn it gets. The question now is how long can we continue to trust Windows 7? The asnser of course is just above that of 10. But, only just above.


    • Hi Anon,
      Did you know that the German govt banned all use of Windows 8 from German state departments…
      The German govt has said they must use Windows 7 or use Linux. Now… there’s an interesting solution.


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