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SURVEILLANCE STUDIES – Schneier discusses NSA Surveillance and what to do about it


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  3. Schneier’s done a good job of summarising things, but there’s another abstraction to be made: Every bulk/mass surveillance programme I can think of requires collusion between the NSA and service providers. A short-term answer would therefore be to limit what service providers have access to. Use HTTPS and VPN links to make the payload inaccessible to carriers, and be more restrictive about what’s being sent to third-parties.
    Long term, I think encrypted P2P will solve most the problems here.

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    • I totally agree with that… our ISP must always be presumed to be a threat.
      Whether the ISP is in Russia, Syria or the UK – they are a threat – because they answer to the government.


      • Well, not so much a threat, as most are involved in bulk data collection under duress, whatever laws, etc. I was also thinking of the Silicon Valley giants who do their own bulk collection.


      • I think Schneier nailed it, when he advised that Germany has a special word for when big corporations collobrate with government – and Italy has it’s own word – which was “Fascism”. Neither Germany nor Italy had a “happy” outcome from this collobration. I think that’s why the EU are advising you to delete your Facebook account. Fascism has an ugly side.


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